APRIL 25 – JUNE 13, 2022

Visual Illusions – Level 1

This workshop runs over 8 weeks and includes 6 meetings, Mondays from 1pm-3pm via ZOOM – invitation sent by e-mail

This online course will bend your imagination in new exciting ways, as you learn to create images that might not always be what they seam at first glance.

Visual Illusions are not only fascinating, they are powerful. It plays with the line between knowing and seeing. We think we “know” something but our eyes tell a different story. This class is about ways of exploring, discovering, developing, and utilising the influence of illusions beyond mere tricks of seeing to compelling and poetic communication.

We will employ illusionistic techniques through assignments, discussions and critiques. There will be assignment given between each class to challenge your vision and spark your creativity.

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SEPT 11 – 16, 2022


This workshop will take place in Úlfjótsskáli – The Golden Circle – close to Thingvellir National Park, ICELAND

Black-sand beaches; electric blue ice caps; dramatic fjords; volcanic craters; and endless lava fields. The Island of Fire and Ice offers natural beauty that will serve as a new and mysterious landscape to inspire us in our exploration of the human form.

In this magical wilderness that often feels untouched by human influence, we will follow our eyes and rely on our intuitive spirits to see the human form in new ways.

This unique opportunity offers a space that will both ground and inspire us. This new land and the human form that inhabits it will expand our understanding of beauty and invite us to explore the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human psyche.

We will be working with local models and go on group excursions to different locations especially selected to inspire the participants to go deeper in their work. Our goal is for you to leave this workshop and place having found a deeper path with your creative vision, that allows you to expanded your talent in new ways.

We accept a maximum of 10 participant in this class. NORDphotography’s will be represented by our founder Elisabeth N Aanes on this workshop

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AUG 15 – AUG 19, 2022

Visual Metaphors

We’re heading back to Maine in 2022: this is a live, 5 day in-person workshop on the beautiful coast at the Maine Media Workshops + College! 

Aristotle says in Poetics: “the greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor…….It is a sign of genius, since a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimilars.”

Metaphors are powerful yet nuanced ways to communicate, and we use them more often than we may realize. We all recognize, “All the world is a stage.” As the basis of poetry, they are highly effective in conveying complicated ideas, combining surprising images, and making profoundly moving connections.

Metaphors are not limited to words, however. An intuitive visual exploration, seeing the similarity in dissimilar images, has the potential to create poetry, opening the doorway for reinterpretation and discovery. In this class we will explore how visual relationships can develop compelling images. To create these metaphors we will explore various types of reflections and discover comparisons with spatial relationships.

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Student work from MMW Online Workshop “Illusions: Extending Vision”, Summer 2020:


Student work from NORD Photography “Visual Illusions, Level 2”, 2021:


Student work from NORD Photography, “Visual Illusions, Level 2” Fall 2021:



Student work from NORD Photography “Nude as Form”, 2017: