OCT 12 – DEC 7, 2022

Visual Illusions – Level 2

This workshop runs over 8 weeks and includes 6 meetings, Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm EST via ZOOM – invitation sent by e-mail

Intuition takes us to the edge of what we know and more importantly to the edge of what we don’t know…

Visual Illusions are not only fascinating, they are powerful. They play with the line between knowing and seeing. We think we “know” something, but our eyes tell a different story.

This class is a continuation of Visual Illusions Level 1, and builds on lessons learned on ways of exploring, discovering, developing, and utilizing the influence of illusions beyond mere tricks of seeing to compelling and poetic communication. There will be assignments given between each class to challenge your vision and we will meet for discussions and critiques to push your creative talent even further.


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Student work from Reimagine the Human Form in Iceland, Fall 2022:



Student work from NORD Photography, “Visual Illusions, Level 2” Fall 2021:



Student work from NORD Photography “Visual Illusions, Level 2”, 2021:


Student work from MMW Online Workshop “Illusions: Extending Vision”, Summer 2020:

Student work from NORD Photography “Nude as Form”, 2017: