Using this Forum

The majority of our work will be through the platform of this website. The forums will provide details for assignments and opportunity for discussion, as well as supplemental material – illusion examples, interesting articles on perception, and suggested reading.

Once you have registered, you may customize your profile by clicking the “My Profile” tab in the top menu, such as updating your profile image and/or cover photo. Please be sure to follow the size guidelines when uploading an image- files that are too large will either take too long to upload or won’t upload at all.

On the My Profile page, you will also be able to view your participation throughout the various forums, as well as any forums and/or topics you have subscribed to or marked as a “Favorite”. By subscribing/favoriting forums, you can receive notifications when they are updated.

The My Profile page features a messaging system, through which you can message – publicly or privately – other students enrolled in Illusions. To find other students and view their profile, click on the “Participants” tab in the top menu.

As you begin exploring the Forums, the right side menu will clear in order to create more space for the content in the forums, but you can still access any of the options by hovering over the “Forums” tab in the top menu. There will also be “breadcrumb” buttons at the top of each forum as you navigate, allowing you to backstop as needed. If and when you’re ready to log out, you can do so by clicking the Log Out tab in the top menu.

If you have logged out and cannot seem to find your way back to logging in, always remember you can simply go to

I recommend bookmarking this page for your convenience. As participants in this workshop, you are the only ones with access to the forums and content within! IF you’re unsure as to whether or not you are logged in, simply look at the top menu. If you do not see the Log Out tab in the top right, then use the link above to log back in.

In addition to our Group Critiques held every Monday, every student will have opportunities for individual critiques on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10am-12pm. These will be 30 minutes each, and there will be a sign up sheet for each week. When you are ready to schedule your meeting, you may do so by clicking the Sign Up Sheets tab in the top menu. Available time slots will be listed – if you have any scheduling conflicts, then you may either message one another to trade time slots or email me directly at and we can discuss alternatives.