I was honored to have my work recently published in a new, cutting edge publication called The Stone. Designed by the creative team at Pil Associati, a communications agency based in Italy, The Stone explores the evolution and transformation between the intersections of art, communication, society, and technology.

I just received a copy of the inaugural issue, and it is stunning. The design is inventive and dynamic, and I was really impressed by the overall quality.






As for the content, the work they’ve chosen to represent is evocative and exciting.  It seems to exhibit an awareness of global culture and visual awareness.  I was particularly impressed with their interview questions- they were intriguing, insightful, and made me really think about my responses:

TS:  Your shots transport us to a dimension in between the unconscious and the lucid dream. What do they want to show us? What other realities emerge?

CI:  Perhaps they depict that very transition from unconscious to awareness, from dream to awake, or from one dimension to another and anywhere in between. The realities that emerge may express experiences of the mind or of the psyche, revealing different levels of awareness and psychological states of being.

TS:  Mutation is the only constant reality. How has your art changed shape over time?

CI:  Over the years, I have found that whatever my approach to looking at the human form, it is all one body of work, and that each informs one another. I envision this as a spiral, continually going from water to mirrors to hot tub and back to water, and so on, with each cycle taking anywhere from 10-15 years to complete. Not only do these cycles include the situation, but patterns of visual deconstruction and reconstruction, as well as mythological and psychological issues. In revisiting the same place on the spiral years later, I see differently, elevated by previous approaches. I return to the same situation with new eyes and heightened awareness to nuances and subtleties that I could not have seen before. In addition, it’s not just my eyes that have evolved – I have changed as well. I’m a different person, having lived my life, experienced love, loss, death, and all the myriad experiences that impact a person’s perspective.

Thanks again to Valentina Ottone, Federica Capparuccia, Chiara Castronovo and all the folks at Pil Associati collaborating on The Stone Mag for inviting me to contribute, and looking forward to seeing more!

To check out the interview in its entirety, click below!!

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