Dec 102015
December 2015: back to the mirrors

With the workshop season drawing to a close, I found myself inspired to photograph and eager to get back to my own work. The pool is currently unavailable (details soon….), but my heart is with the mirrors for the time being anyway. I’ve been playing with a different palette in the studio this time, and in just the […]

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Dec 032015
Book Sale!

We’re cleaning out! In an attempt to clean out the studio, from now through the holidays I have a selection of books on sale: Reflections: 25 Years of Photography by Connie Imboden This is my latest monograph, featuring 150 images that represent some of my favorite discoveries throughout the years, including some never before published black […]

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Nov 132015
2015 Maine Media Workshops Retreat Review

Last week’s Interdisciplinary Retreat with the MFA program at the Maine Media Workshops & College was so intense, so completely chock full of enlightening discourse and insightful discussions, that my brain hurts from thinking so hard. I’m not sure I’ve been able to actually think ever since… I fear I may have sprained my brain. It […]

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Oct 292015
Interdisciplinary Retreats at the Maine Media Workshops 2015

I’ll be heading up to Maine next week for another visit to the Maine Media Workshops & College for a 5 day Interdisciplinary Retreat with the MFA program. This intensive program offers students the opportunity to be critiqued by experts in a variety of fields and disciplines, including photography, filmmaking, writing, and even history. Getting […]

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Sep 032015
Maine Media Workshops 2015 Review

My annual trip up to Rockport to teach at the Maine Media Workshops always feels like coming home.  I have many special memories, such as being served lobster by Arnold Newman – who was in line before me and, picking up his lobster, turned to me and gallantly offered it.  A thrill I still hold dear.  The first workshop […]

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Aug 122015
The Stone Mag

I was honored to have my work recently published in a new, cutting edge publication called The Stone. Designed by the creative team at Pil Associati, a communications agency based in Italy, The Stone explores the evolution and transformation between the intersections of art, communication, society, and technology. I just received a copy of the inaugural issue, […]

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Jun 102015
Overcoming obstacles: one handed shooting!

It’s as fact of life: $h!t happens. Last week, while chasing my lovely little dog Lucy just outside my studio, I successfully found a particularly slippery section of the recently rained on deck. While I felt fine initially, even marveling at my dexterity in catching myself and the grace with which I fell, my wrist became increasingly sore […]

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May 122015
2015 Summer Workshops

It’s getting to be that time of year when I start looking forward to teaching at some of my favorite workshops!  Three of my favorite workshops are on deck for this summer: The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME, and The Center for Photography at Woodstock. _   The […]

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May 052015
The Challenge of Darkness

Untitled #1-22-15-288 is another recent image from my last “binge shooting” session with Carl and Cory. The figure is deformed, with its legs appearing as stumps and an odd sensation that his body is caving in on itself. He is in transition, caught in a spontaneous moment of struggle as his body morphs into something […]

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Mar 172015
Binge shooting

After the invention of the CON-traption solved many of the logistical issues involved with shooting in the pool, the biggest hurdle I faced was finding bodies to put in the water. Two of my go-to models that I had worked with for years had moved out of town, and this coincided with a relative scarcity of […]

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