Dec 192013
The Science of Color Underwater

Working with both underwater and above water elements, there is a considerable color difference. Generally speaking, color is perceived by the light that is reflected off of and/or absorbed by an object.  Color is interpreted by receptors in our eyes, and varies depending on the light’s wavelength (measured in nanometers, or “nm”).  Light with a […]

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Dec 042013
Masks, Old and New

Photographed on a trip to Bhutan in 1978  The mask has been used throughout history not only as a way to disguise oneself but a means to project a different persona.  Early cultures and civilizations used masks in sacred ceremonies as a means of channeling spirits and/or gods.  Ancient Greeks introduced masks into theatrical productions to hide the […]

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Nov 192013
FOTO, October 2013

After my lecture and exhibit in Norway for the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, I was approached by a Swedish photography publication called FOTO.  My work was very well received at the festival, and the magazine wanted to highlight my work with a portfolio spread and article to be featured in the October 2013 […]

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Nov 132013
A Tour Through Ancient Greece

On a recent trip to Greece, I was astounded by just how much we are still influenced by ancient Greek culture. I knew that we had borrowed a great deal from this early civilization, but I was unaware of the scope of their impact nearly 3,000 years later.  Not only does our system of government […]

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Oct 302013

Back in the Spring of 2012, I was honored to be featured in an Iranian Magazine called HASTMAG.   Dedicated to the field of photography, this small but beautifully done magazine promotes artists work and shares discussions with them through their website,   The amount of photographs they featured was staggering, covering pages 46-83, […]

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Sep 112013
New Work, September 2013

2013 has proven to be a very busy year. With so many workshops and a lot of traveling, I haven’t had many opportunities to get into a regular shooting schedule.  There’s pro’s and con’s to this, but one advantage is feeling the freedom to get in the studio and just play.  Without any concrete directions […]

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Aug 282013
Maine Media Workshops 2013 Review

Last week ended another great week at the Maine Media Workshops.  As always, this was my favorite week of teaching throughout the year.  Maine is beautiful, the weather is gorgeous this time of year, the lobster is delicious, and the students the workshop attracts are always wonderful. Our class! This year, my class comprised of […]

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Jul 022013
Nordic Light Festival Review

Back in December I wrote about being included in the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography in Kristiansund, Norway.  The festival was April 22 – 27th, and was SUCH A BLAST!  I’ll say this for Norwegians- they sure do know how to party! Leaving Baltimore to go to Norway in April was an interesting challenge.  Just […]

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Jun 132013
Union of Arab Photographers Workshop

Last week, I had the pleasure of teaching a three day workshop for the Union of Arab Photographers in Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates.  The request from the UAP came up quickly and was unplanned, but I jumped at the opportunity to travel and teach in the Middle East.  Having seen the Lynda course […]

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